Chapter 3, page 25: "Criminologists warn of a new generation of 'super predators'—kids who are fatherless, godless, fearless, and jobless."

You know, I actually know a few people who are "fatherless, godless, fearless, and jobless," and none of them have cooked international intel and lied to the global community in order to start a war of choice that left hundreds of thousands of people dead, injured, or displaced.

Just saying.

[From George Bush's A Charge to Keep, gifted to me by Deeky, because he hates me. In the US, all people who plan to run for president write a shitty book. (Some are less shitty than others, by which I mean the Democrats' books.) A Charge to Keep was George W. Bush's shitty I-wanna-be-president book, published in 1999. I am blogging one random quote per page every day until I have either made my way through the book or lost it behind a couch.]

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