Well, Well, Well

[Content Note for violence.]

Judd at Think Progress: "ABC News reports that the lead investigator in Trayvon Martin shooting wanted a manslaughter charge against the shooter George Zimmerman. The lead investigator, Chris Serino, stated he was unconvinced by Zimmerman's version of events according to an affidavit he filed the night of Feb. 26. His recommendation for a manslaughter charge was overruled by state attorney Norman Wolfinger, who subsequently removed himself from the case."

Talk about selective details. The police have shared with the press details like "at least one witness says he saw Martin attack Zimmerman," but failed to mention that their lead investigator wanted a manslaughter change. Huh. Interesting.

Relatedly, Eric Boehlert has a good piece on how the this story has confounded the conservative press, because it "simply [does] not fit the right-wing's preferred narrative about guns and minorities and how white America is allegedly under physical assault from Obama's violent African-American base."

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