Wednesday Blogaround

This blogaround brought to you by umbrellas.

Recommended Reading:

Eleanor: Anti-Abortion Harassment and Violence Still Stifle Access

David: Romney the Bizarrely Anti-Base Candidate

Pam: Limbaugh, the Bust, and How This Honor Informs Pending Anti-Birth Control Legislation in Missouri

Sierra: The Hypocrisy of "Paying for Other People" [Content Note: The post at this link includes discussion of reproductive rights and slut-shaming in the public sphere.]

Michelle: Diabetes Is Hilarious [Content Note: The post at this link is an examination of the trend of joking about diabetes, and includes references to fat hatred, racism, classism, and ageism.]

Andy: Kirk Cameron Says He's Being 'Slandered', and his Gay Friends are Offering Him Support

Jane: She Hated Her Son. Hating Her Is Not The Answer. [Content Note: The post at this link includes discussion of postpartum depression/psychosis, violence, and ableism, and contains references to self-harm and quoted misogynist slurs.]

Mike: When Education 'Reformers' Let Their Guard Down: The Rahm Emanuel Edition

And some video links:

Susana: Avatar: The Littlest Waterbender

Bob: Not Okay [Content Note: The video at this link is a criticism of sexism in nerd culture and includes references to misogyny, sexual harassment, and sexual violence.]

Angry Asian Man: "In the House Like Lord Grantham / That's the Damn Anthem"

Leave your links and recommendations in comments...

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