Release the Clinton!

image of Liam Neeson in Clash of the Titans saying 'Release the Clinton!' and with an image of the Kraken rising out of the sea, only the Kraken has been replaced by Hillary Clinton making her 'I am so contemptuous at being obliged to have this conversation again' face.

Last night in comments, Shaker Jadelyn shared her friend's image of a meme via STFU Conservatives in which Hillary Clinton is unleashed to battle the Feminist Backlash.

If you knew, as soon as you read that comment, that I was going to do my own version starring Hillary Clinton making that face, please give yourself 1,000 points.

Two things I love about Release the Clinton:

1. I love that it completely turns on its head the narrative as Hillary Clinton as a monster. There are SO MANY TERRIBLE PHOTOSHOPS by conservatives of Clinton as a monster in the Google image search, but here is a picture of Hillary Clinton as a "monster" that does not demean her power, but celebrates it.

2. I love the implicit commentary on how President Obama outsources the "woman's work" to Secretary Clinton.

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