Question of the Day

Since I'm not-really-blogging A Charge to Keep, I've got Bush on the brain. [Insert ALL the jokes here.] It has put me in mind of one of my favorite QotDs, gifted unto us in the Jan. 2006 State of the Union address, during which President Fumblenutz pulled out of his ass one of his greatest non-sequiturs ever, requesting that Congress pass legislation to ban the creation of "human-animal hybrids." My god, that was a thing of beauty. We had fun with human-animal hybrids for months. Remember the Cheneyshark and the mangaroo? Good times.

Anyway! The question is: If you could become a human-animal hybrid, with what animal would you be crossed?

I would be half penguin, so I could hold my breath under water for at least a half hour and dive to 1,700 feet. And because I love sushi. Also, I'd always be ready at a moment's notice for a formal party.

When I asked Iain what he would be, he answered that he would be half dolphin, so he could "swim in the ocean, be dolphiny, and emit ear-piercing screeches that would shatter the windows of local shops." Obviously.

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