If You're Not a Straight White Cis Conservative Man, You Are Definitely a Radical and Probably a Traitor

As you've probably heard, Andrew Breitbart's site has released what it calls a "bombshell" video (link goes to BuzzFeed, not Breitbart) from 1991 of Barack Obama, then a student at Harvard Law, speaking out on behalf of Professor Derrick Bell, a scholar of Critical Race Theory, and his advocacy for racial and gender diversity among Harvard's staff.

The video is, of course, supposed to show what a radical "racialist" President Barack Obama is. Essentially because it shows him objecting to white male supremacy.

Oh the horror, etc.

And I'm not going to dignify this unmitigated horseshit with a lot of my time, because it is evidently a racist attack on its face, mendaciously framing basic support for a meaningfully integrated society as some sort of nefarious racial radicalism.

I just want to point out the parallel between the attack on Sandra Fluke, a woman who did naught but speak out in favor of basic reproductive rights, and this attack on President Obama, a man who did naught but speak out in favor of basic equality.

America's rightwing now fully believes that if you're not a straight white cis man who espouses conservative views, you're suspect. You're a radical. You're a rabblerouser. You're not a "real American." You're probably a traitor.

This is disturbing stuff. This is political scapegoating, ginning up anger and pointing the finger at people who are systematically Othered. They're to blame. They're the reason why you lost your job, your insurance, your home. It's them. Not the banks, not the corporations, not the politicians.

It's us. We're the ones they're coming for.

Because we believe we have a right to full citizenship in our own nation.

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