Alcatraz Open Thread

image of Detective Rebecca Madsen, a petite young white woman, throwing Tommy Madsen, a tall young white man, to the ground

[Spoilers are looking for keys herein.]

So Monday night was the two-hour (or, more accurately, two-episode) finale of Season One of Alcatraz, and OMG IT WAS A DOOZY, as they say. (They definitely still say doozy. I checked with them.) Mysteries were solved! And people were killed! OR WERE THEY?! And in typical J.J. Abadrobot fashion, the answers to those questions over there raised more questions over here!


Just kidding! I don't want to solve it! I want at least two more seasons of mystery!

Speaking of mysteries, it is now clear why Dr. Sangupta is also known as Dr. Banerjee. Because she is a 63, and thus she needed a new identity to exist in 2012. This is something I probably should have figured out ages ago, but only did when one of Sam Neill's nerdz called her Dr. Banerjee. Whoops!

As per usual, I loved everything. But I ESPECIALLY loved Dr. Soto standing outside Det. Madsen's hospital room. "That seems less important than...being here." Oh, Jorge Garcia. You are THE BEST. You really are.

Which, by the way, reminds me of something else I've been meaning to mention about this show and keep forgetting: I would like to compliment the wardrobe department on styling Jorge Garcia so well. Dude's a straight-up fox, and it's awesome to see a fat man allowed to be foxy in fashionable and tailored clothes on a network television show. Rarely are men of his size even cast in roles where they can be well-dressed, and, given that he's the owner of a comic store, there's no reason he really has to be in great shirts and sweaters and trench coats, so that makes it even more awesome that he is given natty costuming. Thanks, Alcatraz.

Well, this seems sufficiently rambling and disjointed enough to hit publish.

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