Alcatraz Open Thread

image of Sarah Jones and Jorge Garcia trying to figure out their next move

Did you watch Alcatraz Monday night? What did you think of it? Did you love it? I did! I LOVED IT. I love it more every week!

Here are the Top 5 things I loved about it (some minor spoilers):

1. I love Det. Rebecca Madsen's and Dr. Diego Soto's Thinking Faces! (See above.)

2. I love Sarah Jones! I love her character, Det. Rebecca Madsen, soooooooooo much! I love that she is continually shown to be both a well-trained and very competent police officer, in both intellectual and physical ways. And I love that she is given the space to be both tough and kind, and serious and funny.

3. I love Jorge Garcia! I love his character, Dr. Diego Soto, soooooooooo much! I love that he is continually shown to be both a very knowledgeable expert on Alcatraz and also an endlessly curious student of Alcatraz, which is such a departure from "know-it-call" characters in similar shows. And I love that he is given the space to be both strong and vulnerable, and serious and funny.

4. I love the story! I am so in on this mystery! And I am SO ANGRY about incarcerated people being used as guinea pigs, because I know THAT HAPPENS. I am very fond of this show's ability to underline how violent and/or dangerous people can also be a vulnerable population. And 1,000 points for a storyline about a man of color being railroaded by the justice system. OMG this show. It is doing so many things right!

5. Everything else!

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