Photos of the Day

Hey, remember when I said how there were SO MANY great wire photos from CPAC of angry white conservatives and Herman Cain screaming from patriotic podiums and furiously pointing while definitely saying things like "Obamacare" and "handouts"...? Of course you remember! It was only yesterday! Well just LOOK at these crumblebuns!

image of Rick Perry pointing
That is Rick Perry! He is definitely angry and pointing!

image of Mitt Romney pointing
That is Mitt Romney! He is sooooooooooo angry and pointing!

image of Mike Huckabee pointing
That is Mike Huckabee! He is totes angry and pointing!

image of Newt Gingrich pointing
That is Newt Gingrich! He is super angry and pointing!

image of Herman Cain pointing
That is Herman Cain! He is very angry and pointing!

image of Ann Coulter pointing
That is Ann Coulter! She is for sure angry and pointing!

image of Marco Rubio pointing
That is Marco Rubio! He is pretty miffed and pointing!

image of Mitch McConnell pointing
That is Mitch McConell, and that is definitely his angry face. He is pointing!

image of Michele Bachmann pointing
That is Michele Bachmann, whose angry pointing is, frankly, kind of weak sauce.

image of John Boehner pointing
That is John Boehner! He is sooooo over it and pointing!

image of Bob McDonnell pointing
That is Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell, who ain't angry at all
the hot conservative tail he thinks he's gonna get at CPAC!

image of John Boehner pointing
That is Rick Santorum showing why he is the new frontrunner.
Rick Santorum don't point. Rick Santorum is a fister!

And thus ends another moving episode of "Looking at Angry Conservatives Pointing at Things," with Melissa McEwan. Fin.

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