Photo of the Day

image of a huge crowd rallying outside the Indiana Statehouse

More Scenes from the Conservative Legislation Lab: Last month, I wrote about the Orwellian-named "right to work" bill in the Indiana state legislature, a piece of gross, anti-worker legislation which Governor Mitch Daniels (R-Ancid) has said "is at the top of the state's agenda."

And by "the state," naturally he means the Republican legislature and definitely not the people of Indiana, nor any of their Democratic representatives, even though there are millions of us who do not support this legislation, or the way it's being rammed through the legislature.

You will not, however, hear about this on the news, because Mitch Daniels is a hero and Indiana is his Fortress of Fuckitude.

Do not let the media silence fool you: Hoosiers are making noise.

[Photo via @ThinkProgress.]

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