Do You Want to Know Why Sex Is Great?

Flula is here to explain:

These are my reasons why sex is great: Sex is amazing, you know?! It is like this movie, Lethal Weapon—have you seen this, with Mel Gibson and Danny Glover? Oh, it's amazing! Right?! Riggs is there, and he's like a tough boy, "I don't care nothing," right? And then Murtaugh, he's like fifty years old and he's like, "I just, I just wanna make a retire right now!" Riggs is like, "No! No! I'm gonna hurt my shoulder and then I'm gonna jump from a building and then I'll put my, put my stuff on the beach, and I'll put my pants down—all the people see my booty!" And my dog is there, and machine guns with helicopters, and shooting everything around! And then like foreign peoples are there, like, "We're gonna get you; we're gonna kill you really good," or something like this from South Africa, and everyone dying—and saxophone! Always saxophone playing! Everywhere, all the scenes. He probably hiding like Kenneth G in the background. [mimes saxophonist] Brrring! "I must retire!" Brrring! Play it right out! And then Riggs is jumping and then they got a giant mobile phone—it's like eight hundred pound! Doo-doo-byew-dee-boo! And the everything happening! And then KWWVEEWWW! [mimes explosion] Credits! Yeah! [mimes credits scrolling down the screen] So, to conclude it: Sex is great!
This is not my favorite Flula ever (that would be "Daddy Long Legs, Who Did Name You?" followed closely by his deconstruction of the idiom "Shooting Fish in a Barrel"), but it's up there.

True Fact: "Kenneth G" made me LOL for fully one nonillion hours.

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