Daily Dose of Cute

Here is a wee video of Zelly being cute when she wanted to go out last Sunday morning. I have described many times her "Jabba the Mutt" strategy of nose-poking to let us know she wants something, and finally managed to record a bit of it.

She is such a good girl. She is the sweetest, most adorable, clever little dog, and I cannot believe how lucky we are that we found her, just sitting at the pound on death row, waiting for us to spring her. I love her to infinitesimal pieces.

Video Description: Zelda stands in front of the couch, between Iain and me, looking at us and wagging her tail. "What do you think?" I ask her. "Zelda, what do you think about it?" (I don't remember what it was we had been talking about, but probably something to do with Full Metal Jousting, which we were watching and being horrified by at the time.) Wag wag wah. "Sht!" says Iain. Wag wag wah. "Tell Daddy to be sht!" I whisper. Zelly cocks her head. Wag wag wah. "Tell him! Say, 'Daddy, be shushed!'" Wag wag wah. Zelly looks at Iain. "Go on and tell him," I tell her. "Tell him, Zelda!" Zelda pokes him with her nose then backs up and looks at me. "I think that fart really spoke a thousand words," Iain says. Wag wag wah. "Did you fart, Zelly?" I ask. "Did you? Are you Lady Fartington? Eh?" She pokes Iain with her nose then backs up. Wag wag wah. "I think Zelda wants to go out; what do you think?" I ask. "No, she's fine," says Iain. Wag wag wah. "Zelda!" I exclaim. "Do you want to go out?" She cocks her head. Wag wag wah. Iain gets up out of his chair and Zelly looks at him excitedly, doing two steps of her excited dance. "OH MY GOD!" says Iain, as he walks for the door. Zelly follows. Wag wag wah. "LIVSY!" exclaims Iain, at Livs, who is offscreen. I laugh. "DUDLEY!" he cries. The video cuts out there, but he went on to say, "DUDLEY YOU'RE A DOG! REPORT FOR DOG BUSINESS!"

Below the fold, a still image of Zelly being cute for those who cannot view video, and Dudley's reaction to the GOP debate last night...

image of Zelly lying on the floor looking up at me
Dorito Ears!

close-up of Dudley on the couch asleep with his grody beef tongue lolling out of his mouth
Dudley is secretly the best political commentator in the universe.
I'm just too lazy to document it.

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