Daily Dose of Cute

[Content Note: The video below includes footage of Dudley making growly sounds and both Dudley and Zelly baring their teeth at each other. They're just playing, but they are play-fighting, so if dog aggression is triggering or otherwise problematic for you, you should skip this video.]

Mostly, Dudley and Zelda play straight-up chase in the backyard, but sometimes they mix it up by throwing a little Bitey Game into the mix—which makes for loads of tumbling cuteness as Zelly dives and rolls to escape Dudz. My favorite is when she rolls and then pops up right into a play-bow. Megadorbz! I finally managed to record a bit of it.

Dudley and Zelda stand beside each other, wagging their tails. Dudz lunges at Zelly with a fearsome growl (lulz) and Zelly takes off. They run back and forth, Zelly leaping and swerving just out of reach of Dudley's snapping jaws. Dudley goes for her, and she tumbles into a dramatic roll, then lands in a big play-bow, her roundy butt in the air. She leaps at him, and he gives chase. They run around the yard in a wide circle, through winter-naked vines and through the ivy and back into the grass. Zelly rolls; pops up; rears up at Dudley. He growls and they leap around. They come to a sudden stop, each waiting for the other to make a move. Dudley play-bows, and it's back on. Wrassle, tumble, chase! They play-bite at each others' faces. One more lackluster tussle. They pant tiredly. Zelda walks away. Dudz shakes himself off, then begins to dig like a BAD DOG! Fin.

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