Wednesday Blogaround

This blogaround brought to you by Good Vibrations and Sweet Sensations.

Recommended Reading:

Kate: Illinois Legislators Meet with Local LGBTQI Groups to Strategize on Making Marriage Equality a Reality in Illinois

Mannion: Mitt in Context

Jessie: Casual to Deadly: Anti-Asian American Racism [Content Note: This post contains discussion of racism, bullying, and violence.]

Suzanne: Doomsday Clock Ticks One Minute Closer to Midnight

Amber: Once Again, the Director's Guild Nominates All White Men

Igor: Pat Buchanan Blames "Militant Gay Rights Groups" and "People of Color" for Pending MSNBC Termination [Note: Those are direct quotes, not scare quotes.]

Kay: Health Care and Non-Compete Agreements [Content Note: This post contains discussion of life-threatening legal wrangling.]

Andy: Where the Trees Are

Chloe: Stephen Colbert Asks Melissa Harris-Perry to Pick a Winner in the Oppression Olympics

Arturo: Red Tails Does The Media Rounds: Are George Lucas' Fans Listening?

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