Thank You, Mr. President

President Obama made a really bold, decisive, and progressive decision today: During a speech in Ohio, he will announce the recess appointment of former Ohio Attorney General Richard Cordray to head the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which was proposed by the awesome Elizabeth Warren.

(For whom Obama inexplicably would not use a recess appointment to install as chief of the CFPB when Senate Republicans threatened to tank her nomination. Still: Warren herself supports this move, so I will lay the fuck off.)

The thing about the CFPB is that Big Business never wants it to be a functional entity, because, if run as Elizabeth Warren intended it, the CFPB would make it much more difficult for Big Business to be in the business of ripping off consumers. And, as we all know, Big Business much prefers making enormo profits by lazily exploiting unprotected consumers and workers to making money the old-fashioned way—by providing solid products and services at reasonable prices that well-compensated employees can afford to buy. That's yucky! Ergo, the CFPB must be stopped.

Thus has Big Business dispatched their Congressional lackeys, known to you and I as the Republican Party, to make sure the CFPB never becomes a functional entity. And so Senate Republicans have endeavored to block Cordray's appointment and indefinitely stall the process.

To which President Obama just said: Phbbbbbbbbbbbbt!

image of President Obama making a cheeky face
"How you like me now, Mitch McConnell?"

Naturally, the Republican leadership is UP IN ARMS!!!1!!!eleventy!! about this grave overreach of executive powers. This is my favorite headline of all the OUTRAGED! headlines: "GOP blasts Obama for 'unprecedented power grab' with appointment." Ha ha sure. Unprecedented.

Or, ya know, totally not.

Anyway! This post is not about how the Republicans are assholes. This post is about how the President did something cool, which, for a change, straight-up acknowledges that the Republicans are an obstructionist horror show and the best way to deal with them is not, in fact, bipartisanship, but cutting them out of the equation altogether.

More like this, please, Mr. President!

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