Quote of the Day

"I mean we spent trillions trying to help poverty in America. But we don't cure poverty; we subsidize it when we make people dependent on the government and make it harder for them to get up the ladder."Senator Jim DeMint (R-Evolting), offering up more of that compassionate conservatism we hear so much about.

It's a nice little racket the Republicans have going, isn't it? They defund every social program they can get away with defunding, and underfund every piece of the social safety net they can't defund out of existence, and then they whine and moan about how social programs don't work.

Leaving aside the fact that there are lots of social programs that do work, naturally the failure of the ones that don't has NOTHING to do with the Republican strategy of denying social programs a reasonable chance to flourish by withholding generous funding and other institutional support.

And then they blame the people whose quality of life is sacrificed in service to their ideological game for being lazy and weak and dependent. How truly, deeply vile.

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