Daily Dose of Cute

Zelda the Black-and-Tan Mutt standing and smiling at the camera

So, I'm out walking the dogs earlier, and they're doing their usual thing—trotting along, being no trouble, sniffing about at various Stinks of Interest as we move down the (new!) sidewalk. And we're walking, and we're walking, and, at one point, I look down to discover that the little Dorito-earned rapscallion pictured above has somehow acquired a GIANT PIECE OF FRIED CHICKEN and is just happily bopping along beside me with it in her mouth.

Where this piece of chicken came from I have no idea. It probably fell out of a garbage bin into one of the lingering piles of snow at the ends of driveways, and she managed to scoop it up without missing a step.

"Eww! Where did you find that?!" I laugh-exclaimed, reaching down for it. "Drop it." She spit it into my hand and grinned. I tossed it aside, and she gave me a pitiable look. "That's grody," I told her. "I'll give you a good treat when we get home."

And so I did.

* * *

Below, a quick little video of Dudley being lazy after our incredibly taxing 15-minute walk.

Video Description: In the backyard, Zelda spins in a circle in front of Dudley, trying to get him to chase her. She darts off, while he stands there looking goofy. "Dudley," I say, and he turns to look at me with perked-up ears. "Are you gonna go for a run? Go on!" He looks around nonchalantly. "Go on, stinker." He looks at me and then yawns. I laugh. "Is that a no?" Fin.

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