Texting! With Liss and Deeky!

Deeky: I am 55 seconds into Atlas Shrugged and Oh My Fucking God is it terrible!

Liss: LOLOLOL!!! Are you going to review it?

Deeky: I dunno. Maybe. Not sure I can. Physically or mentally.

Liss: Bootstraps, son. You need bootstraps.

Deeky: There is this headline on a newspaper at the start. The articles are full of misspellings and grammatical errors! Quality filmmaking.

Liss: That's the liberal media for you!

Deeky: From the paper: "One of the major reasons for gas shortages is that fact that inventories were not very high going into the beginning of the year."

Liss: Who says the Department of Education is superfluous?

Deeky: Another article: "Because houseing prices will keep falling in most places. Prices are still dangerously high compared to incomes and rent."

Liss: The obvious answer is that everyone should live on trains.

Deeky: Sure, no one is really supposed to see that, but come on! This is the age of Blu-Ray! People WILL pause and read the paper.


Deeky: Christ, this is so infantile.

Liss: Of course.

Deeky: It might actually be worse than Country Strong.

Liss: No. Way.

Deeky: I love that this takes place in some fantasy land where the US government isn't a wholly owned subsidiary of the corporate world.

Liss: Why do you hate the job creators?

Deeky: The politics of smelting! Dramatic! This is like the 12 Angry Men of train rail production.

Liss: LOL for realz!

Deeky: I have no idea what is going on.

Liss: It all makes sense if you sniff bootstraps while you watch it.

Deeky: HA! Also, in the future there is no Google. No one knows who John Galt is.

Liss: The government no doubt sold Google to the Russkies.

Deeky: The music is VERY majestic.

Deeky: Except now. Now it's soft. Because there's fucking.

Liss: Mmmmmmm conservafucking.

Deeky: Now they're in the deserts of Wisconsin. This is soooooo terrible.

Liss: That's weird because it sounds GREAT.

Deeky: Seriously: Google. This movie needs Google. How do you set a movie in the future and not have computers?


Liss: I can't believe you watched the whole thing.

Deeky: I still don't know what happened. Something to do with government interference of corporations. And smelting.

Liss: Was it a good cliffhanger?

Deeky: LOL! NO! There was an oil fire and Dagny screamed "Nooo!" and there was a voiceover from Wyatt saying "I'm going on strike."

Liss: Whut? Fuck that noise.

Deeky: I think some of the dialogue was missing. Maybe they only took every other line from the novel. To save time.

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