For Love of a Good Mystery

image of a little tree, sculpted from paper
[Image by Chris Scott, via NPR.]

Back in September, I linked in a blogaround to a piece about mysterious paper sculptures that were showing up in libraries around Scotland. Shaker Laurakeet forwarded this NPR article that has a neat follow-up on the ongoing mystery:
By this fall, these mysterious sculptures had become a hot story. Reporters checked the newest teacup and cupcake, then the little fellow hiding in a forest for some sign of authorship... [W]ho is the real perpetrator, asked the BBC, Scotland TV, The Guardian. And what is he? She? They? trying to tell us? Everyone wanted to know.

Just as the news cycle was about to hit boil, The Edinburgh Evening News announced it had cracked the case. It turns out, they said, their own former music librarian, a Mr. Garry Gale, had figured it out. [But instead] of having Mr. Gale immediately identify the perpetrator, the Evening News decided to take a poll: Do you really want to know, it asked its readers, who made these gorgeous teacups and dragons and magnifying glasses, or would you rather honor the artist, and let him/her remain anonymous?

...The readers wrote in. And according to Central Station, a Scottish website, "the general view is that We Don't Want To Know." Presumably a significant number of respondents said they would rather not learn the identity of the sculptor and it would be best if those who know just not tell.

Has the paper published the perpetrator's name?

It hasn't.

[Note: There are places discussing the identity of the sculptor, including the comments section at NPR. If you are curious about the sculptor's identity, I kindly request you participate in that investigative work elsewhere. This thread is for lovers of mystery—and all mystery-related enthusiasm is on-topic.]

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