Daily Dose of Cute

Video Description: Dudley and Zelda and I play Catch in the backyard, this morning. At Shakes Manor, Catch is a cooperative sport. And it's not really Catch—or Fetch, for that matter. It's more like chase the ball and maybe pick it up, run around with it in your mouth, bump everyone else with it, drop it, run around some more, look cute, and get scratches, then wait until someone else brings the ball back, or Two-Legs goes and retrieves it. Yay! Set to the Peanuts' Lucy and Linus Theme.

At the end is a little bit of Dudley's new favorite game, Bump, where all 75 pounds of him flops into me over and over, while he points his wee nosehead up at me, grinning like a goofball.

For those who can't view the video but can view images, here's a photo of Dudley chasing Zelly around the garden:

image of Dudley the Greyhound chasing Zelda the Black-and-Tan Mutt through the ivy

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