Oh, Well, That's Fine Then

(TW: Homophobia, misogyny, bullying)

I had the news on this morning and heard a brief report about this story. Pat Lynch, a football coach at Buffalo High School in Wyoming, handed out this charming little handout to his students mocking them if they wished to report an incident of bullying. (Image of the document at the above link.)
The report, which was handed out before a game last month, claims to take 'hurt feelings very seriously' and offers to supply victims with 'diapers or a 'blanky'.

It also asks for the name of the 'Real Man' who hurt your sensitive little feelings'.

Under a list of reasons for filing the report, the survey offers choices including 'I have woman like hormones', 'I am a queer', 'I am a cry baby'. 'I am a little b****' and 'my butt is easily hurt'

At the end of the report it leaves a space for the name of the 'little sissy filing this report' and the filer's 'girly-man signature'.
Hilarious, right? After all, it's not as if bullying has any real consequences.

He, of course, has submitted the standard non-apology apology and has resigned his position as coach. This, after "two weeks of uncertainty surrounding Lynch's employment after he was placed on administrative leave." Gee, I could have figured out he needed to be fired after, oh, five minutes. But whatever. He's resigned as coach, game over, right?
After a meeting of the school board, it was announced that Mr Lynch will keep his job as a guidance counsellor at the high-school 'under administrative supervision', according to the Tribune.
Ah. Of course. We wouldn't want the students to be without his wonderful guidance.
A move which is expected to anger parents.
You think? Now why in the world would this school keep him on in any capacity?
In his tenure as head football coach, Lynch compiled a 96-40 record and took the Bison to six state championship games, the most recent in 2010.

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