News I Don't Want to Write About

[Trigger warning for sexual harassment, violence, racism, terrorism.]

There is A LOT of news today that I do not want to write about!

There is the Great Kardashian Divorce of 2011. Does the internet need one more person making some sneering comment about straight people and their sanctity of marriage, which is an Actual Point, but one I'm increasingly reluctant to make since I sort of want same-sex couples to have the right to forge wildly inappropriate unions in lavish, multimillion dollar ceremonies if that is what they REALLY WANT? No, the internet does not need that.

There is also the Ongoing Saga of Sexual Harassment Allegations against Unserious Republican Presidential Candidate Herman Cain. This is genuinely an Important Story, but I feel like the only people discussing it are those who have an agenda, the primary example of which seems to be Bitchez Be Liars. I have heard that song before! I don't guess I have anything to say about this other than: I believe the women are telling the truth. The end.

There is also the Video of a Judge Beating His Daughter. I'm not linking to it. You can find it, probably on the front page of CNN, if you really want to look at it. He is terrible. His daughter is right: He should not be trusted to be a judge, because his decision-making skills are DEEPLY FLAWED. His daughter is also right that he should not be getting death threats, but psychological care.

There is also Another Incident of Ann Coulter Saying Something Totally Racist and Also Very Stupid. Not only will I not link to it, but I won't even reprint the asinine and attention-seeking thing she said, because fuck her. I'm so tired of you, Ann Coulter. You are THE WORST.

There are also the four dudes in Georgia who have been arrested by the FBI after allegedly plotting to turn the shitty terroristic online novel (very good, I'm sure) of some Fox News contributor into a real-life scenario of murdering lots of people to "save the Constitution." That seems like something about which I should have something smart to say, but all I've got is thank Maude they're as stupid as they are terrible. Also: Good thing no one but Deeky has read The Overton Window.

Talk about these things! Or don't. Whatever makes you happy. Life is short.

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