I Have Seen the Future, and It Is Now

This amazing video was posted on YouTube with the description: "Two cams, anything goes, you decide. The future of live entertainment." At first, I wasn't sure—but then I was like, yeah, this is definitely the next logical step after Jersey Shore. Bring it on.

Video Description: From a boombox set on a table in a backyard emanates "Rebound (Original Mix Edit)" by Arty. Nearby, an elderly white woman wearing sunglasses and a windbreaker, sits in a plastic yard chair hanging out with a little Corgi dog. A young white woman in pink shirt and jeans dances with what appears to be a katana. Then a young white man in blue shirt and jeans comes out; he hands the beer bottle he is carrying to the elderly woman. Then he whips out a butterfly knife and begins to do a choreographed dance with the young woman. Obviously.

The future is now. Gleep glorp.

[Via Gabe.]

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