Quote of the Day

"We also have the responsibility to understand we are accountable for each of those choices. They are our choices. You go to school, you rack up a lot of school loans? That. Was. Your. Choice. If you can't afford to go to college, go to the free public library. I did it. It works."Glenn Beck, Professor of Horseshit at Bootstraps University.

Listen, I am not an education snob. I know lots of very smart people who did not attend university, or didn't graduate, and I know lots of assholes who have more degrees than a thermometer. I don't think there's only one path in this life, and I don't mistake education for intelligence (or decency).

But let us not pretend that educating oneself at the free public library is the same thing as getting a college degree in terms of employment opportunities. It might not be (isn't) right or fair, but a degree from an accredited university on a résumé makes a significantly different impression to most potential employers than "Self-Awarded Degree of General Education from Free Public Library" does.

You're a jackass, Glenn Beck. A real fuckin' jackass.

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