Daily Dose of Cute

Here's a quick little video of Zelly-Belly being super cute and super sweet, which she is pretty much all the time (meetings with unknown dogs notwithstanding). She is just such a cuddlebug, and so clever and obedient, and such a happy little thing. She's an absolute joy to be around, and I love her to pieces.

[Zelda the Mutt lies on the floor of the living room, dog toys scattered all over the floor.]

Me [from behind camera]: Zelda! *kissy noises* [Zelda looks at me and her tail starts wagging] What are you doing? Can you come here? [She gets up and comes over to me.] Can you sit? [She sits against my leg.] Oh, what a good girl! Can you shake? [I put my hand out and she places her paw in it.] Oh, what a good girl! [I scratch her head and chin; she looks up at me cutely.] Are you such a good dog? Yes, you are. [I stop petting her and she looks at me.] What are you doing? Do you think we should go out for a walk? [She looks at me with perked-up ears.] Do you think?! [Cute look; perked ears.] D'ja want to go out? [Tilts head; perks ears.] Do you want a treat? [No reaction.] Do you just want to sit here and get head scratches? [I reach out my hand and she LEAPS! backwards excitedly, licking her lips and wagging her entire backside.] No! You want to go out?! [She hops around the living room with massive wigglebuttery.] Do you want to go out? Tell me. Should we go? [She leaps to the side, and watches me with wagging tail as I get up.] Okay, let's go. Let's go! [She looks at me, waiting for me to lead her to the door.] Let's go! Come on. *kissy noises* [I walk around to the front door. Sophie is standing there; she scurries out of my way.] Look, it's Sophs! [Zelda comes and stands by the door; in the background, Dudley can be heard shaking his head and flapping his ears as he rouses from a nap.] Are you a good girl? Can you sit? [I point my finger in Zelda's hand-sign for sit.] Sit. [She sits and looks at me patiently, waiting for me to put on her harness.] Oh, gooood girrrrrrl.
Still photos of all the beloved furry residents of Shakes Manor are below…

image of Dudley the Greyhound curled on the couch in an awkward position
That cannot be comfortable.

Matilda sitting on the arm of the couch

Olivia sitting on the other arm of the couch
Reverse catloaf.

Sophie asleep in the window, out of which can be seen a colorful sunset
Pistols at noon, naps at dusk.

Zelda the Mutt lies on the living room floor in a yellow light
Zel after a hard day of being adorbz.

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