Wednesday Blogaround

This blogaround is brought to you by the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, whence I am posting this because my corporate internet provider mysteriously crapped out.

Ada Lovelace Day is coming up on October 7th. There are lots of ways to promote the event, and if you want to add your own content about women in STEM, it can but needn't be in blog post form. Podcasts, videos, and comics are cool too.

Scicurious will be covering the igNobel prizes tomorrow night.

Don McCanne MD at Physicians for a National Health Program's blog: Do we have to accept $15, 000 premiums and higher deductibles? More on the health insurance premium hikes appears in today's New York Times.

Jane Sarasohn-Kahn: Peoples’ home economics are driving DIY Healthcare

Michele Lee: A 7-year-old girl responds to DC Comics’ sexed-up reboot of Starfire

Emelyn Fuhrman: Write Me Something

Elif Batuman: Our Living Language

The Border House has a new series, What Are You Playing Wednesday

Fannie: Guy: PC Culture Too Difficult For Navy Men To Handle

Ideas in Food blog: Cornflake ice cream

OccupyWallSt: A Message From Occupied Wall Street (Day Eleven). The video shows remarks from Dr. Cornel West. I have transcribed the short speech and put the text below the fold (in most browsers)

Announcer: We would like to start with some words from Cornel West

Dr. West: There is a sweet spirit in this place. I hope you can feel the love and inspiration of those who spoke for everyday people, who take a stand with great courage and compassion because we oppose the greed of Wall Street oligarchs and corporate plutocrats who squeeze the democratic juices out of this country and other places around the world. I am so blessed to be here--got me spiritually breakdancing all the way here 'cause when you bring folks together--all colors, all cultures, all genders, all sexual orientations the elite will tremble in their boots. And we will send the message that this is the U.S. [world?] responding to the Arab Spring. It has now hit chicago, Los Angeles, and Phoenix Arizona and A-town itself, moving on to Detroit, gonna hit Appalachia, hit the reservations with our red brothers and sisters. Martin Luther King Jr. will smile from the grave and say we're moving step by step to what he called a revolution. Don't be afraid to say revolution. We want a transfer of power from the oligarchs to ordinary citizens and with the poor children of all colors and the orphans and the widows and the elderly and the working folk 'cause we connect the prison-industrial complex with the military industrial complex with the Wall Street oligarchy complex and the corporate media multiplex. I want to thank you and it's a blessing to be a small part of this magnificent gathering. This is the General Assembly, consecrated by your witness and your body and your mind.

Announcer: We the people have found our voice [repeat 5 times]

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