Quote of the Day

"When you put money in a bank, it's your money. The bank uses that money to lend out to others, and make more money itself off interest. The bank hands you a little card that allows you to pull out your own money. The bank isn't lending you the money; it's simply allowing you to use the money in your account. ... Charging a fee for using the bank's debit card to access your own money is an amazing insult—especially when considering how many banks offer 'free' checking accounts on condition that consumers—you guessed it—use their debit cards at least once a month.David Atkins, on the decision of several big banks to start charging customers fees as high as $5 to use their debit cards, because of a new regulation capping the fees they can charge merchants for processing debit card purchases. So, instead, they've decided to charge users.

That's the thanks we get for bailing them out with our tax dollars, I guess.

Maude forbid that anything cut into their record-breaking profits during the not-depression engulfing the rest of the country.

Yeah, it's a real fucking mystery why Wall Street is flooded with protesters.

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