Quote of the Day

"I think freedom means freedom for everybody. And you ought to have the right to make whatever choice you want to make with respect to your own personal situation. I certainly don't have a problem with [same-sex marriage]."—Sith Lord and Former Vice President Dick Cheney, discussing same-sex marriage on "The View" yesterday.

Leaving aside that Cheney is a huge anti-choice and pro-war hypocrite who would deny freedom and safety to anyone if it would make Halliburton a buck, it is not insignificant that even Dick Cheney is now to the left of President Barack "Fierce Advocate" Obama on same-sex marriage.

Yes, I realize he is out of office blah blah, but the point is that when Dick Cheney can signal his support for same-sex marriage without controversy, we are officially well beyond the point at which it is acceptable even by garbage Beltway keep-your-job standards to continue using ye olde political expediency chestnut to justify a failure to support marriage equality.

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