Daily Dose of Cute

Lazy Sunday Afternoon at Shakes Manor:

Video Description: All the animals have to sit as close to on top of me as possible at all times. Olivia sits on the back of the couch right next to my head; Zelda sleeps on my left side, with her head on my leg; Matilda sits on my right side, purring away; and Dudley sleeps on the loveseat, with his head angled toward me. As I pan across, I see Sophie walking into the kitchen and say, "Sophs, whatcha doin'?" She immediately hops up on the piano behind me. As soon as I turned off the camera, she went over the loveseat right next to Dudz.

We have a small house. It wouldn't matter if it were even smaller, or twelve times as big: The behbehs would still be up my ass 24/7, figuratively speaking. All of them are the snuggliest little lovebugs, for which I am appreciative, even in moments when if they all don't GET OFF ME FOR TWO FUCKING SECONDS I will lose it, lol.

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