This is so the worst thing you're going to read all day.

Actual Headline: Doctors dispute Megan Fox no-Botox photos.

Actual Opening Paragraphs:
Cosmetic doctors dispute the claim by actress Megan Fox that photos she published last week are proof that she is not using Botox.

Some doctors said the photos show a face in which the effects of Botox injections are slowly wearing off. Many others said one photo (top left) displays such unnatural wrinkle patterns that the image apparently has been digitally altered.

"Looks like Megan is just as talented with Photoshop as she is in entertainment," said plastic surgeon and blogger Dr. Nicholas Vendemia of New York.
Actual Title of Accompanying Slideshow: Megan Fox: Pretty, Then Sexy, Now 'Done.'

In case it's not self-evident, let me be perfectly clear: The point of this post is not to invite speculation about whether Megan Fox uses Botox, nor to invite judgment on her appearance (or talent, or choices, or anything else).

The point of this post is to highlight what a ridiculously fucked-up culture we live in, where a woman is put under enormous pressure to alter ("improve") her appearance and simultaneously put under enormous pressure to pretend she puts absolutely no effort into her appearance at all.

And if a famous woman gets chemical or surgical procedures, she is a vain harpy. And if she does not, she is a grody wrinkled hag. And if she says she hasn't had such procedures, whether she has or hasn't, her image will be publicly scrutinized for "proof" that she is a liar by doctors whose livelihoods are predicated on women's insecurities about their looks.

This is a sick, sick game that women are asked to play, and if there is a better incentive for not playing it than even Megan Fox isn't beautiful enough, I can't conceive of it.

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