Rob Ford: Toronto's Own Garbage Nightmare

[Trigger warning for misogynist language.]

I don't think I can put it better than Shaker Shira*, who sent this in:
It has been an interesting day or so here in Toronto. We've just finished the longest City Hall meeting on record, with citizens waiting up to 20 hours to speak against proposed service cuts that would affect the most vulnerable members of our city.

At around 4:30am today our Mayor, Rob Ford, listened to a local children's book author passionately defend our public library system. Upon learning that the author's recent book is called Words That Start with "B", Ford said "I can think of another word for her." This is the Mayor of one of North America's largest and most diverse cities.
You can watch the video here. I haven't been able to make a transcript as yet, because my partner is asleep beside me, and the sound, particularly of the Chief Anal Milliner Mayor, seems quite faint on the video. If anyone can do one and send it to me, I'll include it.

Everywhere we look, garbage nightmares. The corporatist mayor of Canada's largest (and among the world's most diverse) city, who thinks it's alright to call a citizen a bitch in a council meeting. Because she spoke up about the importance of libraries.

Update: Transcript below the jump, thanks to Shaker Princess R.
[Sounds of clapping.]

Female speaker: "Uh. Thank you so much. Could you tell us the name of your book?"

Author: "Most certainly. Uh, the name of my book is called 'Words That Start With B'."

[Noises from the crowd.]

Female speaker: "Words that start with "B"? B? Like..."

[Laughter here from the crowd, female speaker, and author. During the laughter, Mayor Ford comments.]

Mayor Ford: "I can think of another word for her."

[Female speaker turns to, presumably Mayor Ford, and replies.]

Female Speaker: "Do you think that's the word?"

[Laughter settles.]

Female Speaker: "Um. So do you think Toronto should aspire..."

[clip ends.]

* To whom, as ever, the tip of the CaitieCap. Which is silly, as I don't even wear caps, but there it is.

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