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Behold, the trailer for the upcoming Sarah Palin documentary, The Undefeated. Which is, no doy, the perfect title for a movie about a person who ran for national office and lost.

Video Description: Sarah Palin is a DAUGHTER. Videotape of a child that, sure, could be Sarah Palin serves as evidence of this fact.

Sarah Palin is a WIFE. Pictures or it didn't happen! Oh, here are pictures of her kissing Todd. All right then.

Sarah Palin is a MOTHER. Sure, yep, pictures of Palin surrounded by children, who ALLEGEDLY came out of her vagina, but Andrew Sullivan has his doubts. Because he's gross.

Sarah Palin is a WARRIOR. Because, as some lady who is unidentified in the trailer helpfully explains, "like a marine, she runs toward the danger." Okay, player.

There is a montage of stuff about how she stood up to oil executives in Alaska, where there was a shitload of energy-related corruption. Based on everything I've read about it, this part of Palin's career was actually marked by some rather savvy and effective politicking on behalf of Alaskans, but, of course, it was never advertised on the national scene because Republicans consider standing up to corporations a liability. Whoooooooops your party is garbage!

Have you heard Sarah Palin is courageous? Well, she is. Here are some people to tell you.

Also, she's an outsider. And the liberal media stinks. Flags. Blah blah. The Republican Establishment is the devil or whatever. Okay, but she just ran on the party's ticket last election, thus suggesting a pretty significant, if fleeting, role in that establishment...? NEVER MIND THAT! She was gonna change it from the inside, I'm sure.

Hey, look. Andrew Breitbart. Yuck.

Money flushing down toilet. Money on fire. That's maybe not the imagery with which you want to leave people whom you are imploring to open their wallets and pay to see this film. Just sayin'.

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