Wednesday Blogaround

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Recommended Reading:

I had the very interesting and intense experience of reading these two pieces back-to-back this morning [TW for discussion of sexual violence]: karnythia's "Don't Be a Rapist: Of Survivor Parenting & Young Males" and SuperMommy's "It Wasn't My Fault."

Shark-fu: [TW for violence] A Community in Sorrow…Standing for Peace

Tami: A Conversation with New Black Woman about Who Gets the Blame for Sabotaging the Image of Black Women on TV

Amber: Something Interesting Happened at the 2011 MTV Movie Awards

Resistance: [TW for racism and misogyny] These People Are Educators

Andy: Ann Coulter Won't Say How She Would Feel if Her Child Was Gay

Melissa: Hillary Clinton Supports Women's Sports as the US Women Prepare for the World Cup [If anyone locates a transcript for the video at the link, please drop a note in comments.]

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