Random Yet Timely YouTubery

Roseanne, "Aliens" (season 4; orig. air date May 12, 1992)


Dan: Uh, I'm going to need a couple more weeks on that loan payment...

(Roseanne opens door)

Mike Summers: Hi, I'm Mike Summers, your state representative. How ya doin'?
Roseanne: (unenthusiastically) Great.
Mike: Good, I'm going door-to-door, trying to get to know my constituents.
Roseanne: Oh, door-to-door, huh? That takes a lot of time. Why don't you just go down to the unemployment office and see everybody at once?
Mike: I hear ya. And you're right.We can't let this area's work-force lay idle. That's why bringing in new business is my number-one priority.
Roseanne: How?
Mike: Through tax incentives. See, we're gonna make it cheaper for out-of-state businesses to set up shop right here in Lanford.
Roseanne: So they get a tax break?
Mike: Yeah, that's why they come here.
Roseanne: Well, who's gonna pay the taxes that they ain't paying?
Mike: Well, you... you will. But you'll be working. Good, steady employment.
Roseanne: Union wages?
Mike: Well, now, part of the reason these companies are finding it so expensive to operate in other locations is--
Roseanne: (cuts him off) Soooo, they're gonna dump the union, so they can come here and hire us at scab wages, and then for that privilege...we get to pay their taxes?
Mike: Is your husband home?
Roseanne: Well, he's on the phone tryin' to keep us from losing our house. Hey...let's talk about that. See, we're broke. I can't even afford to buy groceries unless it's double-coupon day.
Mike: Mm-hm. You know, we should talk about that. Oh! But, I have several houses I have to get to before I quit go--
Roseanne: (cuts him off, grabs coat) Oh, hey, great! I'll come with ya. Boy, it's gettin' rough out here Mike.

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