Oh Dear

Huma Abedin, wife of Rep. Anthony Weiner, is reportedly pregnant.

If indeed all of this did come as a surprise and betrayal to Abedin, I can only imagine how much more difficult it is to make decisions about the future with one's partner while expecting a child together.

I would hope that this news, even if turns out to not be true, would serve as a reminder there are humans at the center of this story and give pause to the people who are treating this entire story like one long dick joke and an excuse to make vicious misogynist attacks on Abedin. But I'm guessing it won't.

UPDATE: [TW for sexual harassment] In other news, conservative ethicist Andrew Breitbart went on the Opie & Anthony show today and showed the [TW] rape-loving shockjocks a photo of Rep. Weiner's naked penis on his cellphone, which has now gone viral on the internet. Weiner knew Breitbart had that photo; Breitbart blackmailed him with it; and then he whooooooops showed it to the world, anyway.

This entire thing has just made me absolutely sick.

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