"Fierce Advocate"

[Trigger warning for homophobia.]

I don't know what's more shameful from the man who once said (with a straight face, pun intended): "It is no secret that I am fierce advocate for equality for gay and lesbian Americans. It is something that I have been consistent on and something that I intend to continue to be consistent on during my presidency."—the absolutely pathetic assertion that his position on same-sex marriage is "evolving," which is such a blatant excuse for waiting to support same-sex marriage until it's politically expedient to do so, or the equally pathetic "state's rights" punt, despite the abundance of evidence that letting some states grant same-sex marriages in a republic where the federal government collects taxes and provides survivor entitlements (just for a start) but does not recognize same-sex unions of any sort is an untenable situation.

And aside from how comprehensively mendacious and politically inept and flatly fucking stupid these absurd positions make Obama look, they also make him look devoid of any trace of basic decency and compassion, a totally unprincipled and cravenly triangulating dipfuck of epic proportions on one of the most important social justice issues in the nation of which he's president.

To which he once pledged his "fierce advocacy." Snort.

And this garbage rhetoric on same-sex marriage is also, I will note, completely inconsistent with his trademark hopey-changey unity shtick—because endorsing states' rights to be institutionally divisive, both internally and among each another, doesn't even exist in the same galaxy as a vision of a unified nation with common purpose.

No, I'm not surprised by Obama's unfulfilled promises. I am just contemptuous at every occasion I am given to gander at what a catastrophic failure as an ally he really is.

You look like a jerk, Obama. You are a jerk. Gross.

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