Shakers Are So Dreamy

Shaker TheDeviantE emails (which I am sharing with permission):
Hey Melissa,

As soon as I woke up, I thought of you. I was back in high school and/or undergraduate classes (maybe English). I was also somewhere in New England at this school (it'll be important later on). Class was happening and I was not performing up to my usual cheerful/insightful self. At the end of class, my teacher was like "Hey, you were only at 80% today, what's going on?" and I agreed that I'd been a little distracted and not my usual insightful self. Then I went over to talk with my teacher and I noticed that James Franco was in my class! He was sort of chilling out, there were around 3 other classmates of mine trying to get his attention and he was headed out the door, but the *very first* thing I thought of was realizing I needed for a fact to ask him whether he'd be interested in meeting you. I was trying to get out "have you ever heard of Melissa McEwan?" and was about to tell him how he'd really like Shakesville, when he said "oh shoot, I've really gotta go, can this wait for next class?" (to which I sort of stupidly agreed). I remember thinking "even if she is in Chicago, we can figure out a way to have her get here to meet him if she wants! Liss will love this!"

The other part of the dream is less awesome but still very much Shaker focused:

After he left I waited around to talk to my professor (who might have been Danny DeVito, it's unclear). I asked him for some reason whether he knew who you were (I guess I figured if not Franco, then the professor? I don't know), and he said "sort of." Then I caught a glimpse of his plan for guest speakers for the rest of the semester. As I was asking him about it, I noticed that one of them was Stephen Harper! (which is why I'm not sure if this was actually an English class). I started yelling "Stephen Harper, you got Stephen Harper to speak to our class?" so he tried to shush me, since I guess he didn't want word getting out. He was sort of apologetic since he knew my politics but I agreed with him that hey, it's important to know what the opposition's saying. I then asked him if he knew the Canadian results, (since it seemed pertinent and I'd read about it on Shakesville).... And that's where I woke up.

Fun, huh?
My favorite part of that is the professor who might or might not have been Danny DeVito "sort of" knows who I am, lol.

Naturally, we shall use this as the jumping-off point for another thread about how frequently I and the other contributors/mods and other Shakers appear in each other's dreams. Shakes-related dreams come up in comments fairly regularly, and one of the most common subjects among reader emails is telling me that they dreamed about me and/or another contributor. (And, no, the vast majority of these are not the least bit creepy.)

So: Fess up. Have I appeared in your dream as your first-grade teacher? Has a fellow Shaker met you for drinks on the moon in your sleep? Has Deeky come to you in the night as a gummi-worm wielding organ grinder? Did I just invent the quadruple entendre with that last sentence...?

Tell the tales of your Shakesville Dreams here.

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