Or Maybe Not...

Last week I wrote about objectivist film producer John Aglialoro and how he was going "on strike" to protest the critcal drubbing his film Atlas Shrugged Part 1 took.

"Critics, you won," Aglialoro complained, surrendering to the convenient conspiracy that the Liberal Media™ was Out To Get Him®. "I'm having deep second thoughts on why I should do Part 2." This didn't sit well with fans of the movie, who got a collective case of Sad Face over the news.

But as NewsBusters ("Exposing and Combating Liberal Media"! HA!) reported Friday, Aglialoro has changed his tune:

"Make no mistake, we want to make Part 2 and Part 3 and we're committed to finding a way to make it work."

Whew! I am soooo relieved. If Aglialoro does make Part 3: The Singening, I will go see it.

The challenge is in finding a way to overcome the critics and the rest of the establishment, who are united against us. The most frustrating thing is knowing that there are people who are missing out on an opportunity to enjoy the experience of Atlas Shrugged on the big screen either because of what critics have said or because they just don't know it's in theaters because they haven't heard about it.

At least he sticks to his conspiracy theory. He even takes it a step further: Aglialoro claims that MSNBC, CNN and CNBC "have all rejected a 15-second ad for 'editorial' reasons [with] no further explanation provided."

Though, in a separate interview published by the WSJ the following day Aglialoro stated "I underestimated the amount of television [advertising] that you must do. That is an undeniable necessary thing."

So, honestly, I don't even know what's going on. Aglialoro's story is all over the place: from poor word of mouth (which is weird because teabaggers are all over it like Christians were all over The Passion of the Christ), to censorship to bad marketing, there are plenty of reasons in Aglialoro's mind that Atlas is tanking. None of them seem to be that Aglialoro made a lousy movie with limited appeal.

He doesn't even seem to trust his base audience: how all these independent thinking teabaggers are under the influence of "what critics have said," is beyond me.

Expect a sequel... whenever. Which may or may not have singing. And may or may not play in a theater near you.

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