The Oprah Thread

I have no incisive commentary on the end of an era being marked today by Oprah Winfrey's last show. There are things I like and admire about Oprah (her strength, resilience, intellect) and things I don't so much like or admire about Oprah (her promotion of aspirational consumption, her promotion of the odious Dr. Phil), and her show was a sort of thing that's never held much appeal for me, so I'm not particularly lamenting its end. Nor celebrating its end, for that matter.

I stand in awe of Oprah Winfrey as a powerhouse trailblazer and juggernaut of professional success who carved out her own path and defined much of her career to this point on her own terms. But she's not disappearing off the face of the earth; she's just changing up her game.

So, I guess all I've really got to say is to wish Oprah well on whatever she sets her sights on in the future.

Have at it in comments.

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