Your New DNC Chair

Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Florida).

I am thrilled to have a pro-choice woman heading the DNC, especially since the outgoing chair, Tim Kaine, was one of those delightful "pro-life Democrats."

However, I share the reservations elucidated by scatx here:
Sarah Jaffe pointed out to me on Twitter today that, as Jaffe wrote about in early February, Wasserman Schultz stumped for Heath Shuler, a Democratic congressman who co-sponsored HR3... As Jaffe wrote then:
What does someone have to do to get thrown out of the party? The answer you get from Democrats is usually "Well, it's better to have an antichoice Democrat than an antichoice Republican." Better for whom?
So, I just shrug my shoulders. Is this good? Yes. A woman, a pro-choice woman, is head of the DNC. Always good. But we know that she has openly [supported] anti-choice colleagues. Sigh.
One gets the impression that it's not possible to have a DNC Chair who considers abortion rights a non-negotiable plank anymore. Terrible.

Still: Wasserman Schultz, who is extremely charismatic and is decidedly more progressive than Kaine, is an improvement.

[H/T to @scatx. Related Reading: What a Trainwreck; Woman's Work.]

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