Quote of the Day

"When the only acceptable discourse is between The New Republic and The Free Republic, what you're going to get is basically a solidly Republican outcome."Atrios, on how the apathy/hostility toward the progressive left leaves us drifting infinitely rightward.

See also Digby's great post today on the same subject here: "The fact is that there is no liberal establishment willing to validate liberalism."

I was thinking about an old piece I'd written, almost six years ago now, about how progressives are politically homeless in the US. When I dug it out, I was bitterly amused to discover that it was spawned by a piece from Barack Obama's senate campaign stump speech in which he was rather generous toward then-president Bush.

Said I: "Obama isn't up for reelection next year, but I expect he'll be stumping for other Dems who are, and I hope his tune has changed. I've not a smidgeon of tolerance left for anyone, of any party, who would leave our political passion without a home."


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