Law Drama

No, it's not a new David E Kelley show. This is some real life dramaz right here. So remember a week or so ago, Boehner & cohorts lawyered up to defend the indefensible DOMA?

Right. Well, on Monday the firm, King & Spaulding, withdrew from the case.
"Today the firm filed a motion to withdraw from its engagement to represent the Bipartisan Legal Advisory Group of the House of Representatives on the constitutional issues regarding Section III of the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act," King & Spalding chairman Robert D. Hays, Jr. said in a statement. "Last week we worked diligently through the process required for withdrawal."

“In reviewing this assignment further, I determined that the process used for vetting this engagement was inadequate," he continued. "Ultimately I am responsible for any mistakes that occurred and apologize for the challenges this may have created."
So that seems like a good thing, right? The lawyer Boehner hired, Paul Clement, decided to up and resign from the firm (after 20 years) and join a new firm (one that, interestingly, has people from the Bush years working there) to keep on being the GOP's lawyer on this.

In his resignation letter, Clement said:

And, of course, Boehner is very pleased:
Brendan Buck, spokesman for House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio), said House leadership were pleased that Clement would still be representing the House. "The Speaker is disappointed in the firm’s decision and its careless disregard for its responsibilities to the House in this constitutional matter," said Buck in a statement. "At the same time, Mr. Clement has demonstrated legal integrity, and we are grateful for his decision to continue representing the House. This move will ensure the constitutionality of this law is appropriately determined by the courts, rather than by the President unilaterally."
I wonder if they will still be paying $520/hr--from taxpayer funds--to promote bigotry. Priorities!

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