Daily Dose of Cute

As promised, here are some pix of Dudley and his BFF Van, who is the dog-in-residence at Blogginz Manor, at MamaBlogz's birthday party earlier this month.

The two of them are sooooooo cute together: Van is just this adorbz snub-nosed wrinkled tank, and Dudley is so the opposite. They are truly the Laurel and Hardy of dogs. They ran around the backyard together, play-bowing at each other and making dramatic snorty noises, and, inside, Dudley was rolling onto his back and pawing up at Van, who dodged between Dudley's gangly legs to give him belleh nudges with his big wrinkly nose. At dinnertime, they kept switching bowls. "What do you have over here? Oh! It's the same thing I had over there! NOM NOM NOM."

Van is such a good boy and such a gracious host. He even shared his toys and bed with Dudley. And Dudley is such a good boy and a perfectly behaved guest; he was even polite as could be with the Top Catz of Blogginz Manor!

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