But We Can Be Absolutely Certain That Michele Bachmann Is a Public Embarrassment

[Trigger warning for homophobia; dehumanization.]

Asked if she agrees with the position of The Family Leader, a virulently anti-gay group in Iowa before whom she was making an appearance, that "homosexuality is a public health hazard akin to second hand smoke," Rep. Michele Bachmann couldn't come up with an answer.
Think Progress' Igor Volsky: Congresswoman, some groups — including this one, I believe — have argued that homosexuality is a public health crisis akin to second-hand smoking. I was wondering if you agreed with that.

Bachmann: Um. I — I don't have an answer on that. I don't have an answer. Why don't I have another question.
Its patently absurd that Bachmann was startled by the question and did not have a response ready. Apart from the fact that any decent person would reflexively disavow such manifest nonsense, Bachmann should have been at least minimally aware of what the group with which she was affiliating is promoting: The Family Leader (nice name, btw) considers its "public health hazard" position central to its message and actively promotes "gay conversion therapies."

That Bachmann had no reply whether she agrees with the organization's framing of gay people effectively as diseased vermin who must be eliminated for the public good is not only indicative of her appalling ethics, but evidence that her team ain't ready for primetime.

Good luck with that presidential run, asshole.

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