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Liza Minnelli, "Ring Them Bells"

[A note about the song who haven't heard it, and might not be familiar with Minnelli's particular sensibilities: The song is about the reportedly true story of couple who met and fell in love on vacation in Europe and turned out to be next door neighbors in NYC. And because the woman in the song wants to fall in love and get married, it might be easy to mistake this as a suggestion that "women" "should" get married, but the message is really just about making things happen to get what you want, whatever that is.]

This clip is from the Bob Fosse-directed Broadway show Liza with a Z, which I could seriously watch on a loop from here to eternity and back again. I remember seeing this on television when I was a kid and being utterly spellbound by the awesomeness that is Liza Minnelli. She was not only talented, and witty, and beautiful—but there she was onstage, sweating and taking up space and being powerful in a way I'd not really seen a woman be before. Revolutionary.

I fell deeply in crush with Liza Minnelli on that day, and, no kidding, I must have watched Arthur nine biebillion times. (I have a dog named Dudley, you might have noticed.) Her voice still gives me chills, even if I've listened to her sing the same song a thousand times.

Recently, Liza was on Jimmy Fallon's show, and he asked her if she had, across her outstanding career on Broadway, a favorite show. "The next one," she replied.

Ring them bells, lady.

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