Today in Totally Not Terrorism

[Trigger warning for racism; terrorism.]

Hey, remember back in January, I wrote about an incident of Totally Not Terrorism that our Liberal Media couldn't be arsed to report widely, in which a backpack bomb was found along the parade route of a Martin Luther King Day event in Spokane, Washington...?

And remember how I was all, "You probably haven't heard about it because our liberal media largely doesn't appear to give a fuck, an indifference that is almost as chilling as the evidence that white supremacist terrorist groups are escalating, as hate group trackers like the Southern Poverty Law Center have been saying, loudly, to resounding yawns from people with the sort of vast platform that, once upon a time, was used to raise awareness about these things."...?

I was, as you may also recall, just guessing that it was a white supremacist who was responsible for this act of domestic terrorism, because we didn't know. Yeah:
The FBI has made an arrest in connection with the attempted bombing along the route of the annual Martin Luther King Jr. Day parade in downtown Spokane.

An FBI source in Washington, D.C., said one man was arrested Wednesday outside a home near Colville, Stevens County. Agents, including a bomb expert from Quantico, Va., were preparing to search a house where others associated with the suspect were living, the source said.

The suspect is believed to be affiliated with white supremacists, the source said.
It would be awesome if our media could start caring about, talking about, raising awareness about radicalized white supremacist hate groups who are trying to kill US citizens on the basis of their skin color, before they're actually successful in hurting/killing people on massive scale.

Or, you know, every cable news channel could just endlessly discuss the horror that someone at NPR called the Tea Partiers racist.

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