This is so the worst thing you're going to read all day.

[Trigger warning for racism.]

Actual Headline: Are whites racially oppressed?

(Note: It's not that the article itself is so terrible, although it's not great at teasing out central issues like privilege and projection. This is really a "worst thing" just because of the manifest absurdity of the idea of whites being racially oppressed.)

I could spend the next six hours talking about what complete bullshit this entire premise is, but instead I'm just going to make a few quick observations and then turn it over to you to discuss in comments.

— Sheer numbers will turn white people into a technical minority in the US long before white people actually lose the benefits that institutional racism grants them.

— The dispossession of poor whites is a legitimate class issue, which the GOP has endeavored to mendaciously reframe as a race issue, so that they might then summarily exploit white insecurity to support their classist agenda. This is the very crux of how the GOP has successfully convinced so many poor whites to vote against their own interests; exploiting this insecurity is the heart of the Southern Strategy.

— See also: The decimation of unions.

— Not only do working class and poor whites consistently pick the wrong allies, they misidentify their villains. Our president is black, but the standard-issue skin tone of the ruling elite, in the Beltway and on Wall Street, is still decidedly white.

— In my experience, there are two main reasons why (some) white people are afraid of becoming the minority: 1. They're afraid of losing their unearned privilege, and might have to find out exactly what it means to actually not have anything handed to you and actually never be given any meaningful help from your government and actually have nothing but proverbial bootstraps to navigate a world that disadvantages you; 2. They're afraid that the new majority will treat them like shit.

Yeah, well, Fraidy Whites, if you're scared of being treated exactly as you treat other people, maybe it's time to reassess your behavior.

Or, you know, whine about how you're oppressed like a bunch of pathetic babies with no agency. Whatever.

— I note, with bitter amusement, by the way, that this is yet another prime example of conservative projection, as Fraidy Whites are behaving precisely as they accuse actual racial minorities of behaving: Whining about being oppressed without cause, their complaint fueled primarily by resentment. And the Fraidy Whites would be the first people to tell you how "lazy" people of color are, but here they are shaking in their boots at the very prospect of having to achieve exclusively on the basis of hard work, without the undeserved boost that their white skin gives them.

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