Rights Fight, State

[Trigger warning for LGBT*Q phobia]

It would appear the fight over states' rights (as opposed to, say, human rights) cuts both ways.

Take the Montana Legislature (please).

Last year, elected officials in Missoula passed an inclusive anti-discrimination law. If you recall, Missoula residents engaged in a [TW] spirited discussion of the proposed ordinance.

Because of their distaste for personal and municipal autonomy (and yet...), Montana legislators have formulated a witty rejoinder: a state law banning the banning of discrimination. House Bill 516 would prohibit Montana cities (and towns!) from extending anti-discrimination ordinances to people whom the state legislature has not already graced with the honor of being anointed members of a protected class (for example, LGB and/or trans* people).

The Montana state Assembly has passed the bill, and it has already passed a Senate committee. It will come up on the Senate floor as soon as tomorrow.

I can't say it better than folks at the Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund (their letter to state Senators is [pdf] here.), so I'll merely offer a hardly handshake and "go to hell" to supporters of H. B. 516. My patience, it wears thin.

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