Quote of the Day

[Trigger warning for rape culture.]

"On my account, as long as there is a lot of rape and not a lot of remedy, as long as there is slut-shaming and double-standards, as long as the denial of the technologies women [who have sex with men] need to mitigate the risks of unintended pregnancy and disease, then they're going to look askance at [men who have sex with women], and they're going to act like they have more risk and less to gain from sex with us, because in fact they do."Thomas Macaulay Millar, in a must-read post about a new study which has found that het/bi women's infamous aversion to the Clark-Hatfield Sexual Proposal ("a broad-daylight, out-of-nowhere proposition for casual sex") is not, in fact, down to some gender essentialist, pop evo-psych, innately female antipathy toward casual sex, but is attributable to "women's perception that their risks are higher, and their likely enjoyment is lower from the proposer," which is a pretty reasonable risk/benefit analysis.

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