Monday Blogaround

This blogaround brought to you by Shaxco, producers of the new documentary series "The Search for Deeky's Next Great Boyfriend," airing this fall on FartTV.

Recommended Reading:

R-Far: Meanwhile, in Libya...

Latoya: On Being Feminism's "Ms. Nigga" [TW for racism]

Heather: The Real Me Is Deaf [TW for disablism]

Matt: Evan Bayh's Such an Asshole

Stephanie: On Rape, the Media, and the New York Times Clusterfuck [TW for sexual violence and rape apologia. I feel like a wanker linking to this, because I'm quoted in it, but it's such a good piece I didn't want to not link to it just because I'd look like a wanker if I did.]

Marianne: Curating My Own Image: A Month of Normalizing My Own Body

Andy: BBC Sorry if Hugh Grant's Homophobic Rugby Remark Offended You [TW for homophobia]

Tanya: No Dogs or Illegals Allowed: Racial Exclusion in a Colorblind Era [TW for racism]

Cynthia: Dear Los Angeles Times: This is a photo of Jennifer Egan.

And Happy Blogiversary to Akimbo!

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